How to Sell My Gold?

Nowadays many people are trading their valuables when they are in financial crisis. This is not an only faster method but also a safer one. It is most preferred in case of emergencies as it does not require any documentation. I can sell my gold in various forms and at various places. Here we deal with the different forms in which I can sell my gold. There are many forms such as jewelry, coins, biscuits, bars and ingots etc. Karats plays a major role when you are planning to trade it. There are different types depending on Karats.

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Jewelry making takes 18k or above generally nowadays we are getting them in all purity ratios. It is mixed with other materials in order to give strength to the product. It says the percentage of it to the percentage of other material. The purity is normally measured using karats. It is mentioned simply by using the letter K.There are different types depending on purity from 9k to 24k.24k is the purest form. The amount we get depends mainly on purity and quantity. As the purity is high, the pricing will also be high.

Cash for Gold

Procedure to sell gold

  • First, we need to check the karats
  • Next, if it is jewelry we need to check if other materials like pearls, rubies are also present
  • If yes, we need to separate the weights so that we can know the weight exactly
  • We need to show the bill to confirm that we are the original owner
  • We have all details of quantity, karats in the bill
  • We need to check market price from four to five buyers when it’s time to sell my gold

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I am told about cash for gold by my friend. I thought of giving it a try as the reviews are good. We felt very comfortable dealing with them. All the process was very transparent. They also provided price equal to the market price and we received a little more. we are very happy about it as getting a genuine buyer is the toughest part.

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