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We at Cash for Gold are the most leading jewelry buyer in Delhi NCR. We have been in the market from 2 decades with our experienced jewelry buyers. Currently, we are established in 20 different locations to facilitate the same service all over the neighborhoods of Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon.

Cash for gold offers full security services with transportation of the items as well as evaluating them until the final payment is done. The services are free of any additional charge whether it is pickup from any location, or getting a quote to understand the market and the valuables. We offer online services which are more handy and stress-free. With our online services, we are available 24x7 to offer our assistance with your queries.

We have been building better outcomes securely for our clients across the services we offer. We are Government registered and authorized jewelry buyer in the states. We use standardized technology to understand the fineness of precious metals. We look for a positive response and a long term relationship with our customers across northern India. Our jewelry buyers are highly experienced in the buying all forms of jewelry whether it is gold, silver, platinum or even precious gems like Diamonds.

Cash for gold is committed to offering the best price for your valuables and also honest in providing the highest offered price based on the customers. If you intend to sell your valuable gold, silver, platinum or diamonds, contact us at the below-mentioned number.

  • Our Vision

    Our vision is simple to make our company reach worldwide and make us approachable to our customers during their needs. A vision is itself a dreaming piece and we hope to conquer the biggest titles for buying valuables and providing what is worth. Once the dream becomes the reality we will soon achieve our goal. Our main aim is to reach the top name for the best resell jewelry place in the entire world. We embrace creativity and a good chance to deliver the best practical outcomes. We aspire to be the preferred company for the same business because of our commitment to the create value, the safety of the transaction, and the protection of our relationship with our customers.

  • Our Values

    Our foundation is built in the values on our commitment to quality, security, and reliability. We focus on providing 100% satisfaction to our customers with respect to their sales, whether or not they are new or our old customers. Hence, we strive to make a relationship with them through our good corporate governance. We offer to provide full transparency and mention all the regulations before actually starting the procedures. Our social commitment is the biggest achievement for our experts to build a platform which is superior to many. Our services are mainly focused on customer’s wishes and needs and therefore, we try to achieve the superior goal every day and every hour.

Our Mission

Our main motto is to offer the highest price to the valuables, our customer wishes to sell. We wish to provide our customers with the best experience to bring our customers close to our outlets. Therefore, we are establishing our outlets in more than 20 locations all over Delhi NCR to serve our customers in every possible way by providing a quality defining service and also offering superior value for the valuable assets. We believe that every procedure of the market is to be understood by our valuable customers and so they can actually profit from old gold with the price of the current market.

We Buy Gold, Silver and Diamonds.

Mobile No.: +91-9999821722, 9999333245

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Our Exclusive Services

Our services start with online services, where anyone can communicate with us 24x7 and also place an order for selling their jewelry or valuables to us. On the other hand, we will provide immediate service to pick the items from the mentioned locations to our evaluation center.

With our service, you can sell every type of precious metals be it gold, silver, platinum, or even precious stones like diamonds. Moreover, our jewelry buyers are experienced with us together from the last 2 decades to Predict the markets price as well as the items. This makes us the best jewelry buyer from others in Delhi NCR.

We offer not only the full market price, but we also keep room for negotiations to cover our customers' values. Visit us at www.xyz.com to always stay updated with the growing market price.


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